About BeSculpt

About Bereniche Aguiar, the Artist & Designer of BeSculpt

Bereniche, known to her friends as “Be,” was born with the heart of an artist, along with an endless imagination and a fire within to create. As a young child her love for painting, drawing & fashion design became apparent when she started making paint kits from her Aunt’s nail polish; mixing combinations of colors from the different bottles and then painting her art with the nail brushes. Using her creative imagination, she would transform the art pieces into outfits & furniture for her dolls.

Creating and bringing new ideas into realization has always been natural for Be as she was fortunate to grow up in an artistic family with painters, musicians, singers, writers & successful entrepreneurs. They encouraged her & at 17 she had the privilege of her first professional art exhibit. As she matured her painting skills advanced but she chose not to pursue a traditional artist’s path. Her desire urged her to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer.

However, the option to study fashion was not available, so she turned her attention toward architecture and specialized in furniture and lighting design.

During her career, Be has designed interior architecture, drop-down ceilings, lighting, space planning, owned 2 art galleries, painted and sold countless paintings, and designed multiple and diverse items such as furniture, handbags, a designer collection for pets, a personal skincare line, as well as designed the interiors of private aircraft.

BeSculpt has allowed Bereniche to finally merge her two passions of Art & Fashion. Each unique garment BeSculpt features is created from one of Bereniche's limited-edition Digital Art prints!



Featured Quotes from Bereniche Aguiar, the Artist & Designer of BeSculpt

"Painting Is Like Breathing for Me"
“I Feel If I Stop Painting My Heart Will Stop Beating"
“My art transcends perception, is beyond a simple observation, and provokes a reflection of a vision.”

“Art and Design Bring Beauty-Balance into Any Space”