BeSculpt Festive Coasters

Pet Lovers' Delight for a Magical Holiday Season

BeSculpt Festive Coasters

Indulge in the enchantment of the holiday season with BeSculpt's delightful Festive Coasters, designed especially for pet lovers who appreciate the beauty of photographic art. Crafted with care and love, these coasters are more than just table accessories; they are adorable portraits of our beloved furry friends. Designed by the talented Bereniche Aguiar, these corkwood and cork-back coasters are available as single pieces or in sets of 4, featuring heartwarming snapshots of cats and dogs, including Yorkies, Maltese, Pugs, Labradors, and Mixed Breeds, capturing their absolute cuteness.

Unveiling the Charm: Bereniche Aguiar's Photographic Art Illustrations

Bereniche Aguiar, a gifted artist known for her talent in capturing the essence of pets through photography, has brought her expertise to our Festive Coasters collection. Each coaster features Bereniche's exclusive holiday-themed photographic art illustrations, showcasing the irresistible charm of cats and dogs. From playful Yorkies to elegant Maltese, endearing Pugs to loyal Labradors, and charming Mixed Breeds, these portraits are sure to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Craftsmanship at Its Best: Corkwood and Cork-Back Excellence

Our Festive Coasters are a testament to unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail. Made from premium corkwood, these coasters provide a sturdy and durable base, ensuring longevity and eco-friendly appeal. The cork-backing offers a soft touch, safeguarding your tabletops from scratches while adding an extra layer of protection. The combination of artistic flair and practicality makes these coasters a must-have addition to your holiday decor.

Pet Lovers' Paradise: Single Coasters and Sets of 4

Whether you're a cat person, a dog lover, or both, our Festive Coasters cater to your affection for these adorable companions. Choose from individual pieces to celebrate your favorite pet or opt for sets of 4 to showcase the diversity of feline and canine charm. Each coaster tells a unique story, making them a perfect conversation starter and an ideal gift for fellow pet enthusiasts.

Beyond Adorableness: Practicality Meets Cuteness

While the portraits of cats and dogs steal the spotlight, our Festive Coasters are designed with practicality in mind. The corkwood and cork-back combination ensures excellent heat and moisture resistance, making them ideal for protecting your surfaces during holiday gatherings. Bid farewell to worries about spills and focus on enjoying precious moments with your loved ones, knowing your tabletops are in safe, adorable paws.

The Perfect Gift: Cherish the Magic of Pet Companionship

Looking for a thoughtful and heartwarming gift for pet lovers in your life? Look no further. Our Festive Coasters are more than just accessories; they are a tribute to the joy and companionship our pets bring us. Surprise your fellow pet enthusiasts with these charming coasters, and let the delightful portraits of cats and dogs add a touch of magic to their holiday season.

Conclusion: Celebrate Pet Love with BeSculpt Festive Coasters

In summary, BeSculpt's Festive Coasters, featuring the heartwarming photographic art illustrations by Bereniche Aguiar, are a celebration of the love and happiness our pets bring us. Elevate your holiday décor, share the joy with fellow pet lovers, and make this season truly magical with our Festive Coasters. Bring home these adorable snapshots of pet cuteness and cherish the spirit of companionship and love they represent.

Ho-Ho-Hound BeSculpt Cork-back Coaster

Meowry Claus BeSculpt Cork-back Coaster

Puppy Claus BeSculpt Cork-back Coaster

Santa Paws BeSculpt Cork-back Coaster

Santa Whiskers BeSculpt Cork-back Coaster

Snowy Pup BeSculpt Cork-back Coaster

Winter Paws BeSculpt Cork-back Coaster


BeSculpt Festive Coasters


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