Learn About the Art Collections

About Each Art Collection

Inner Vision

Introducing the Inner Vision Collection, crafted to transform any space into an expression of art. This art pieces blend abstract expressionism with a calming and soothing expression to create a luxurious atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.

Achieve an elegant and exclusive aesthetic with this exceptional collection.

Jungle Vision

Nullify the ordinary and explore a new realm of creativity with the Jungle Vision Collection.

These art pieces truly come alive, as bold brush strokes and vivid colors combine in an unparalleled abstraction of expressionism.

Revel in high intensity beauty and discover a new source of inspiration.

Random Vision

Experience the Random Vision Collection - a unique fusion of art, texture, and boldness.

Each piece has a mysterious quality, featuring an abstract expressionism of unexpected strokes and movement that evoke beauty of unparalleled magnitude.


Introducing the Vision Collection, an art collection for the bold of heart.

Our artworks boast highly expressive, piercing eyes- sure to captivate viewers and employ a powerful yet intimidating energy.

Let your guests feel the sophistication and exclusivity of this daring collection.

White Vision 

Bring sophistication and art to your home with this premium White Vision Collection.

The pieces feature a unique mixture of strokes and expressions with stark contrast in the predominant white background - perfect for decorating with a minimalistic touch.

Enhance your space with an elegant and stylish flair.

Chakra Art

Explore the world of holistic healing with the Chakra Art Collection.

Featuring art based on the ancient belief of the seven colors of the chakra, you can unlock a deeper connection with the universe to uncover inner peace and tranquility.

This exclusive collection is the perfect way to add a sophisticated and tasteful touch to your living space.