Collection: Cosmic Fantasy

Dive into the mesmerizing cosmic realms of Bereniche Aguiar's imagination with the 'Bubbles of Fantasy' collection. Each artwork is a celestial masterpiece, showcasing transparent metallic bubbles suspended in magical space, adorned with multiple eyes, tentacles, and a spectrum of colors. From celestial architectures to sovereign matriarchs, the collection takes you on a visual journey through ethereal clusters, astral highways, and interwoven realms. Experience the galactic surge and cosmic summons as large bubbles with transparent tentacles create a breathtaking spectacle. Witness the interplay of universes in 'Bubbles of Tethered Universes' and the cosmic emanation in 'Bubbles of Cosmic Emanation.' The collection, curated by the visionary artist Bereniche Aguiar, invites you to explore the enchanting and otherworldly landscapes of her cosmic fantasy.

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