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Thriving Original Large Art Piece Abstract Expressionism

Thriving Original Large Art Piece Abstract Expressionism

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Experience the beauty of art in your home with the 'Thriving' original art piece. Strokes of strength imbue a mood of primitivism and audacity.  This piece will give any room a luxurious, captivating atmosphere. Add a unique touch and bring sophistication to your walls with this statement-making artwork.

This painting is vibrant and rhythmic, with strong brushstrokes and a distinct intensity. 

Quetzalcoatl's were one of the largest flying creatures that inhabited the earth in prehistory, and this particular painting reminds me of him. Seeing them must have been frightening and unforgettable.

When the painting is turned horizontally, I see a duck-like flying bird

This is my interpretation of the piece. For that reason, I named it "Thriving".

Thriving is a unique representation of Modern Expressionism Abstract art.

Thriving is one of the paintings in my Jungle Vision collection.

Dimensions are 48′′ W x 60′′ H x 1.5′′ Gallery Wrap. The medium is Mixed Media on Canvas.

The colors are deep purple, purple, deep red, orange, yellow, lavender, brown, and white

No images that appear in my paintings are planned; they just appear as they do.

According to the rotation position of the painting, the pose of the painting influences my perspective.

Using my proprietary paint formula with natural pigments, I ensure that the work is brilliant and has superior intensity, maintaining its elegance.

A computer or cell phone screen may display a slight difference in actual colors.

No reproductions of Thriving will be made, this painting is one-of-a-kind. 

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