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Bereniche Aguiar Painting

BeSculpt™ Founded by Bereniche Aguiar

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BeSculpt Special Edition

Reproductions of original paintings are not permitted.

They are one-of-a-kind.

Each of our products has a limited edition run, and many only have 400 pieces worldwide.

Be sure not to miss out!

BeSculpt Mission and Commitment

Art and design are at the core of BeSculpt mission to inspire self-expression.

At home we all need a little BeSculpt magic!

Our commitment is to help create beautiful living spaces and sustain an eco-friendly planet. 
Wood frames are from reforested trees and packaging is minimized using recyclable material.

We all need a piece of BeSculpt magic in our lives!

Bring the Magic Home with BeSculpt!

Imagine Everyone in the Family Enjoing the Magic of Art.


Realm of Angels. Fine Art Giclee's

Fine Art Giclee's

The traditional fine art print is called a Giclée - BeSculpt giclées are reproductions of original paintings.

BeSculpt Giclees are sometimes exact replicas, depending on the dimensions of the original painting

BeSculpt Giclée's come in four main styles: Modern, Expressionist, Abstract, and Figurative

Fine Art Prints
Diving. Modern Digital Art

Modern Digital Art

Bereniche Aguiar's BeScultp Digital Art delivers a high-quality contemporary touch accompanied by a sophisticated design that can be incorporated into any item.

Have fun in your search for the ideal pattern or color combination.

Digital Art
King Tutankhamun fine art, Feature Artist Euridice, Tree of Life Fine Art. Egyptian Art, Kabbalah art

Feature Artist

Euridice’s interest in Egypt's ancient culture was accompanied by her international status as an artist, healer, and Kabbalah instructor.

The main styles of Euridice's artwork are realism, surrealism, and figurative

These are just a few pieces of her extensive art collection.

Feature Artist


Show off your own style at the beach or the pool with a fabulous

Deluxe Edition Collection from BeSculpt.