Special Edition

Special Edition 

Is there a certificate of authenticity included with the giclee and/or any item? 

Yes, with each limited edition museum-quality giclée print and product from BeSculpt, a certificate of authenticity is included. This certificate serves as documentation of the artwork's origin, its limited edition status, and bears the artist's signature, ensuring its authenticity and value.

While run numbers are not displayed on individual items, a certificate of authenticity will be emailed to you after the purchase has been confirmed and you are satisfied with your order. This digital certificate further enhances the collectible nature of the limited edition prints and provides additional assurance of their authenticity.

It's important to note that original paintings from BeSculpt are unique and one-of-a-kind. They will not be reproduced or replicated, making them truly exclusive and irreplaceable. Owning an original painting from Bereniche Aguiar is a testament to owning a remarkable and singular piece of art that cannot be duplicated.

We value the trust and support you place in BeSculpt and strive to provide the utmost transparency and authenticity in our offerings. With the included certificate of authenticity, you can confidently display and enjoy your limited edition giclée prints and products, knowing that you possess a genuine work of art.

Thank you for choosing BeSculpt as your artistic brand, and we hope these special edition pieces bring you joy and inspiration for years to come.