About Bereniche Aguiar

A Passionate Journey: Bereniche Aguiar's Creative Legacy

A Visionary From the Start

Bereniche Aguiar, fondly referred to as "Be" by her close circle, was born with an innate artistic flair. Her heart pulsated with a passion for creation, complemented by an unlimited wellspring of imagination. Since childhood, her artistic journey has been extraordinary, beginning with her resourcefulness in crafting paint kits out of her aunt's nail polish. Armed with a palette of mixed colors and nail brushes, Be fearlessly painted her own world of art.

Nurtured in a Creative Haven

Bereniche Aguiar hails from a remarkable lineage of artists, musicians, singers, writers, and entrepreneurs. Surrounded by such an environment, Be's ability to foster novel ideas and execute them seamlessly came naturally to her. At the tender age of 17, she took her first strides into the professional art scene, holding a groundbreaking exhibition that showcased her extraordinary talent. While Be's passion for painting continued to evolve, her aspirations led her away from conventional artistic career paths.

A Fusion of Art and Design

Driven by an insatiable thirst for innovation, Bereniche Aguiar delved into the realm of interior architecture, furniture design, and lighting design. Her artistic prowess seamlessly translated into these domains, as she effortlessly amalgamated art with functional design. Her diverse portfolio of projects encompasses the interiors of private aircraft, among other ventures. The fusion of aesthetic sensibilities and practical applications exemplifies Be's unique approach to design.

An Artistic Entrepreneur

Bereniche Aguiar's artistic journey extends beyond her creative endeavors. With a keen business acumen inherited from her family, Be has owned and operated three successful art galleries. Through these ventures, she has not only showcased her own masterpieces but also facilitated the sale of numerous captivating paintings by talented artists. Be's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to promoting artistic expression have made her a revered figure in the art community.

In conclusion, Bereniche Aguiar's artistic odyssey has been nothing short of remarkable. From her humble beginnings as a child with a passion for mixing colors to her present-day stature as a visionary artist and design maven, Be has carved a path uniquely her own. Her relentless pursuit of innovation, coupled with a deep-rooted appreciation for aesthetic beauty, continues to inspire artists and enthusiasts alike. Bereniche Aguiar is not only a creator but also a catalyst for the ever-evolving world of art and design.


Bereniche Aguiar, Artist & Creator of BeSculpt, shares some of her personal quotes:

"To me, painting is like breathing"

"I feel that if I stop painting or creating, my heart will stop beating"

"My art transcends perception, is more than simple observation, and causes a reflection on a vision."

"Art adds beauty and balance to any space."

Bereniche Aguiar


Comments by Enrique Zapata Ponce About the Artist (English)

            Bereniche’s painting is color, and the color is a personal experience, a knowledge reserved for each one of us.  The qualities of color cannot be transferred, even those who specialized in its properties …. Whatever we know and whatever we may think about it can’t be materialized into a concrete idea.

            If color followed any rules, these it would accept and obey, and would be carried on with joy; this joyful characteristic of color is what makes the faculties of the imagination so infinite.

            The post-modernity of Contemporary Art has a dangerous tendency toward organized incoherence: If something is weird or odd—it must be Art.  This doesn’t apply to color which is in itself exuberant to the point of extravagance, and, this equation can’t be disputed because it lacks its opponent which cancels itself: beauty cannot be banal.

            I feel that Bereniche works her paintings within this joy, this chromatic happiness.  It is like a soul dancing in the fiery lights of a cathedral’s stained-glass windows.  She alone is the origin of the cause of this rainbow of color: the lively pyrotechnical result she wants to share with us.

            Color, light, and fire: to shine is to burn it’s because of this that the stars seem alive and Bereniche’s Art, made of light and color surges up from her own internal fiery nature.

            This explosive show of incandescence has what is genuine and invincible and belongs to all that is elemental, thrusting forth our lively imagination.  It is the ultimate paradigm of Art: radiant calligraphy full of indecipherable meanings.

            Apotheosis and catastrophe are events totally alien to color because they both owe their existence to their violent nature and from these processes, whole new worlds are born, all the quite meaningless to the myopic vision of our civilization.  Worlds in flames that give birth to a crystal-like Architecture, with those diamond flashes reflected in the walls and ornaments of palaces, exquisite as those that glitter in the Scherezaad wondrous tales of The Thousand and One Nights.

Enrique Zapata Ponce

Presidente de la Academia de Pintura Sociedad Mexicana de Geografia y Estadisticas.

Version in Spanish

            El art pictorico de Bereniche consiste principalmente en el color y este, EL COLOR, es un saber, una vivencia personal, que aun para los expertos, es incommunicable.

Esto hace que su conocimiento quede fuera de lo que se pueda persar y que la idea no pueda concretarlo.

            Si el color tuviera reglas, las conductas que acepte y obedezca siempre nos pareceran llevadas a cabo  con alegria.  La alegria feliz, inherente cualidad del color para converter en infinitas las facultades de la imaginacion en el crisol de la mente.

            La posmodernidad del arte contemporaneo tine una peligrosa tendencia hacia la incoherencia organizada: si algo es raro o extrano ….!ha de ser arte!

Pero esto no aplica al color cuya exaltacion llega hasta lo extravagante; y no se puede contradecir esta ecuacion dado que carece de su contrario, pues este se anularia a si mismo: no hay ni puede existir una belleza banal.

            Siento que Bereniche realiza sus cuadros dentro de este goce, alegria y felicidad cromatrica; como un alma que baila inmersa en el fuego de luces de un vitral catedralicio.  Produce ella misma estas manifestaciones de color con sus obras: resultado final con el que ella desea compartir sus vivencias pictoricas.

            Color, luz y fuego: fuego, color y luz “ILUMINAR ES ARDER”.  Es por esto que brillan las estrellas, y la Pintura de Bereniche hecha de luz, y color es possible por el fuego interno que posee.

            Estos despliegues de explosividad contienen lo genuino e invincible de aquello que es elemental, instigan y son maestros de la imaginacion creadora.  Como desbordamiento encendido y espectaculo absoluto son el paradigma del arte, su fulgurante escritura de indescifrable singnificado.

            El evento catastrofico o el apoteosico le son totalmente indiferentes al color porque en ambos existe su violenta exaltacion y de ambos procesos surgen nuevos mundos indiferentes a la vista miope de nuestra civilizacion.  Mundos inflamados que anuncian una arquitectura de crystal con destellos de diamantes y joyas preciosas, edificios y decorados semejantes en exquisitez a los relatados en los cuentos de Las Mil y Una Noche.