Elevating Your Home: The Artful Prelude to Furniture – Rethinking the Sequence

Elevating Your Home: The Artful Prelude to Furniture – Rethinking the Sequence


Embarking on the journey of transforming your new home into a haven of style and comfort is an exhilarating endeavor. Amidst the myriad choices, the strategic interplay between art, furniture, and mood enhancement emerges as the symphony that defines your living space. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the transformative power of art, the impact of thoughtful furniture placement, and the artful curation of a mood-boosting environment, challenging the conventional sequence of interior design.

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Rethinking the Traditional Sequence

Art as the Pivotal Prelude

In traditional interior design projects, art is often considered the final touch, selected after furniture and decor accessories. However, we challenge this convention, advocating for art as the pivotal prelude in crafting the style of your home. Before the first piece of furniture graces your space, art lays the foundation, telling a visual story that resonates with your personal aesthetic. Renowned artist and professional high-end interior designer, Bereniche Aguiar, recommends this thoughtful approach, emphasizing the alignment of chosen art pieces with your unique style.

A Symphony of Emotions

Art is a visual symphony that transcends mere aesthetics. It evokes emotions, setting the tone for your living space. The hues of an abstract painting or the calming strokes of a serene landscape become the notes that resonate with your emotions, directly impacting your mood. Bereniche Aguiar's expertise accentuates the significance of selecting art pieces that act as catalysts for mood improvement.

Guiding the Color Scheme

Art serves as the guiding force for your home's color scheme, influencing paint choices, fabric selections, and eventual furniture decisions. This approach ensures a harmonious and coordinated aesthetic that enriches the visual appeal of your living space. An impactful art piece on the wall ensures that spaces do not feel empty.

Enhancing the Empty Canvas

Strategic placement of artwork becomes paramount, especially in the absence of furniture. Consider the size and scale of your art pieces in relation to the walls, crafting focal points that will later complement and enhance the presence of furniture. When an impactful art piece graces the wall, spaces feel enriched and inviting.

Bereniche Aguiar's Fusion of Art and Design

Bereniche Aguiar's approach transcends mere decoration; it's an intentional fusion of art and design. Her curated recommendations aim to enhance the mood of a space by harmonizing the artistic essence with the overall design concept. When art is considered from the beginning, spaces feel complete and thoughtfully designed.

Crafting Focal Points: Art and Furniture Placement

Defining Your Artistic Taste Early On

Before diving into the world of furniture, define your artistic taste. Understand the genres, styles, and themes that resonate with you. This early clarity guides you in curating an art collection that serves as the stylistic compass for your entire home.

Strategic Furniture Placement

As furniture enters the stage, strategic placement becomes essential. Bereniche Aguiar recommends considering the cumulative effect of walking into a room adorned with art and thoughtfully placed furniture. The combination ensures that spaces feel enriched and avoid the emptiness that may arise without an art piece.

The Personal Touch: Reflecting Your Personality

Furniture choices should reflect your personality, creating a harmonious dialogue with your selected art pieces. Whether it's a bold contemporary sofa or a nostalgic coffee table, let your furniture be an extension of the narrative told by your art collection.

Personalized Art and Furniture Synergy

Commencing Personalized Art Projects

For a distinctive touch, consider commencing personalized art projects before delving into furniture selection. Bereniche Aguiar specializes in creating personalized pieces that resonate with your unique style, making your home truly one-of-a-kind. This personalized touch synergizes seamlessly with carefully chosen furniture.

Mood Enhancement Through Purposeful Choices

Beyond Aesthetics: The Emotional Connection

Look beyond mere aesthetics when selecting both art and furniture. Seek pieces that establish an emotional connection. Whether it's a fond memory captured in a photograph or the emotional depth conveyed through a well-chosen sofa, purposeful choices amplify the impact on your mood.

Rethinking the Sequence: A Conclusion

In the intricate dance of interior design, art emerges as the guiding force that not only decorates but influences your mood daily. Choosing art with purpose, reflecting your personality, and harmonizing it with strategically placed furniture ensures that your home becomes a haven of positive vibes and artistic inspiration.

Image of Empty room with art Burst BeSculpt on metal by Bereniche Aguiar
Image of Empty room
Image of Empty room with wall art Dawn BeSculpt Metal Photo-Art Seascape

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