Collection: Coasters

Embark on an exploration of BeSculpt Coasters, a versatile collection where art seamlessly merges with functionality, featuring the imaginative designs of Bereniche Aguiar. Uncover not only the original art or reversed image but also a myriad of styles—some fun, some cute, and some serving as conversation starters. Each coaster reveals unique and delightful pieces, allowing you to curate a personalized collection that adds charm and creativity to your tabletop.

Choose from the Corkwood Coaster Set of 4 or the Cork-back Coaster to transform your coaster set into a gallery of miniature art pieces. Elevate your dining and decorative experiences with the diverse and captivating styles of BeSculpt Coasters, perfect for pairing with BeSculpt Mugs for a cohesive and visually appealing ensemble.

Immerse yourself in the variety, charm, and creativity that BeSculpt brings to your tabletop aesthetics.