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Icy Ceremony Original Art Piece Abstract Expressionism

Icy Ceremony Original Art Piece Abstract Expressionism

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Experience the somber freeze of Mount Everest with Icy Ceremony, an original abstract expressionist artpiece. Capturing the emotions of the mountain with an icy gaze, this piece brings a sense of wintry atmosphere to any setting with its simple yet profound design. Icy Ceremony will transform your space with its remarkable expression, creating an elegant and exclusive atmosphere.

I personally admire mountain climbers in particular cover in snow and ice such Mount Everest. I finished the Icy Ceremony after the earthquake in Mount Everest and I noticed that the painting is to honor the climbers who lost their lives.

That is the reason for the Title: “Icy Ceremony”

Icy Ceremony is one of my Random Vision collection paintings.

Note: This particular painting requires good lighting. Is naturally dark.

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 48 W x 24″ H x 1.5″ Gallery Wrap

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